Scott gets the cycling bug.

Scott meets Davis Phinney at his cycling camp.

Davis Phinney challenges Scott to climb Mount Ventoux.

Scott climbs Mount Ventoux. Says it was the hardest thing he has ever done.

Scott races in the Master's Track World Championships in Manchester England.

Places in the top 10 in five events. Manages a 4th but no metals.

Scott wins the season Omnium, takes five silver medals at districts, and sets the record in the flying 200 meters at 11.75 (still stands today) at the National Sports Center Velodrome in Blaine, MN and earns enough points to upgrade to Cat 2 at age 37.

1997 - 1999
This period of time is known as the "dark period" in Scott's life where he was tangled up with the wrong girl and didn't do much of any riding.

Scott starts racing again.

Scott heads to the Tour de France to see the riders climb Ventoux for the first time in 30 years.

Scott brings a video camera and starts shooting.
Scott climbs Ventoux for the second time.

Scott's best friend's daughter gets cancer, Scott pledges to make a film of his trip to the Tour de France and raise $100,000 for the LAF. Scott goes back to the Tour de France to film "B" roll to finish his film.

Scott meets and falls in love with wife to be.

Scott releases his film on VHS and begins raising money for the LAF.

Scott visits the Tour de France again with wife to be to distribute copies of his film to those who appeared in it, and do some riding.

Scott and wife to be climb Alpe d'Huez. Wife does it in 1:29 with the help of Italian guy who pushes her a bit. Scott does it in 1:09 solo.

Scott climbs Ventoux for the third time.

Scott gets married.

Scott buys a house during the Tour de France, stays home and watches it on TV and gets a huge mortgage.

Scott releases The Tour Baby! on DVD.

Scott raises over $20,000 for the LAF.

Scott spends the entire month of July in Europe with wife attempting to watch the Tour everyday while visiting museums in Italy and Paris.

Scott and wife take the train down Grenoble from Paris and hitchhike to Alpe d'Huez and watch and film the time trial.

Scott raises over $30,000 for the LAF.

Lance out sprints Scott for the Austin City limits sign on the ride for the roses and then gives Scott shit for not even being close.

Scott is asked by the Discovery Channel Cycling team to coordinate their annual sponsor ride in Ojai CA.

Scott goes to the Paris-Roubaix and films his adventure.

Scott gets a gig with Pez Cycling News and follows the entire Tour de France for the second time as journalist.

Scott begins racing again after nine years out of competition. Does three criteriums. Fails to finish the first due to mechanical failure with six laps to go. Gets spit out the back of the second race due to heart failure.

Finishes the third in the top 20. Would have won there wasn't a crash in the final turn (wink).

Scott puts on roast of Davis Phinney in conjunction with the San Francisco Grand Prix and raises $50,000 for the Davis Phinney Foundation.

Scott raises over $110,000 for the LAF and is named the top fundraiser for the LAF and is recognize by being presented with a signed bike and framed LiveStrong jersey by Lance on stage in front of thousands of people at the Ride for the Roses in Austin TX.

Scott's grand total for the LAF reaches $164,000.

Scott stops riding in January due to severe knee pain.
Spends the rest of they year off the bike and shopping for orthopedic surgeons who can fix the problem and takes Blue Cross.

Scott is asked by the Discovery Channel Cycling team to coordinate their annual sponsor ride in Ojai CA again.

Scott starts editing his second film, Cobbles Baby!

Scott creates the "Dollars for Davis" campaign to raise money for the Davis Phinney Foundation.

Scott completes a vision quest spending four days and four nights in the wilderness at 8000' and endures temperatures of 105 degrees for three straight days with no food and no water with only a pair of shorts and two wool blankets. He is the only person out of 30 to make it all four days on the first attempt. Says that it was the hardest thing he has ever done. Uses visualizations of his three climbs up Ventoux and lessons from cycling to set hour by hour goals and channel his awareness way from negative thoughts and onto constructive ones as he does when climbing the big climbs.

Scott releases Cobbles Baby!